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2016 General Election Voter Guides

Catholic Citizenship informs clergy, religious and laity about public policy issues and their affect on our society's common
good.  Our mission is to promote authentic Catholic Social Teaching in the public square, as promulgated by the Magisterium.  Our Bishops remind us that "responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation."  

Candidate Position Papers highlight where candidates stand on Marriage, the Right to Life, Taxes, and Parental Rights.  The Roman Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts have spoken out on most of the issues presented in the papers.  

State Senate Races

(Please click on the candidates' name link to voter guide)

Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden - Christine Canning vs. Adam Hinds

Cape & Islands - Julian Cyr vs. Anthony Schiavi

2nd Essex & Middlesex - Barbara L'Italien vs. Susan Laplante

1st Hampden & Hampshire - Eric Lesser vs. James Harrington

2nd Hampden & Hampshire - Donald Humason vs. Jerome Parker-O'Grady

Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester - Stanley Rosenberg vs. Donald Peltier

5th Middlesex - Jason Lewis vs. Vincent Lawrence Dixon

Middlesex & Worcester - James Eldridge vs. Ted Busiek vs. Terra Friedrichs

Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex - Richard Ross vs. Kristopher Aleksov

Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth - Walter Timilty vs. Jonathan Lott

Norfolk & Plymouth - John Keenan vs. Alexander Mendez

1st Plymouth & Bristol - Marc Pacheco vs. Sandra Wright

Plymouth & Norfolk - Patrick O'Connor vs. Paul Gannon

2nd Worcester - Michael Moore vs. Mesfin Beshir

Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex - Anne Gobi vs. James Ehrhard

State House Races

2nd Barnstable - William Crocker vs. Aaron Kanzer

3rd Barnstable - David Vieira vs. Matthew Patrick

Barnstable, Dukes & Nantucket - Dylan Fernandes vs. Jacob Ferry vs. Tobias Glidden

3rd Berkshire - Tricia Farley-Bouvier vs. Christopher Connell

1st Bristol - Fred Barrows vs. Michael Toole

3rd Bristol - Shaunna O'Connell vs. Estele Borges

4th Bristol - Steven Howitt vs. Paul Jacques

14th Bristol - Elizabeth Poirier vs. Scott Dubuc

1st Essex - James Kelcourse vs. Brianna Sullivan

6th Essex - Jerald Parisella vs. Daniel Fishman

9th Essex - Donald Wong vs. Jennifer Migliore

15th Essex - Linda Dean Campbell vs. Nicholas Torresi

18th Essex - James Lyons vs. Oscar Camargo

3rd Hampden - Nicholas Boldyga vs. Rosemary Sandlin

9th Hampden - Jose Tosado vs. Robert Underwood

1st Middlesex - Sheila Harrington vs. Matthew Meneghini

4th Middlesex - Danielle Gregoire vs. Paul Ferro

7th Middlesex - Yolanda Greaves vs. Jack Lewis vs. Clifford Wilson

9th Middlesex - Thomas Stanley vs. Stacey Gallagher Tully

14th Middlesex - Cory Atkins vs. Helen Brady vs. Daniel Factor

18th Middlesex - Rady Mom vs. Kamara Kay

21st Middlesex - Kenneth Gordon vs. Paul Girouard

22nd Middlesex - Marc Lombardo vs. George Simolaris

27th Middlesex - Denise Provost vs. Aaron James

31st Middlesex - Michael Day vs. Caroline Colarusso

9th Norfolk - Shawn Dooley vs. Brian Hamlin

12th Norfolk - John Rogers vs. Tim Hempton

1st Plymouth - Mathew Muratore vs. John Mahoney

2nd Plymouth - Susan Gifford vs. Sarah Hewins

3rd Plymouth - Kristen Arute vs. Joan Meschino

4th Plymouth - James Cantwell vs. Michael White

5th Plymouth - David DeCoste vs. Kara Nyman

6th Plymouth - Josh Cutler vs. Vince Cogliano

9th Plymouth - Gerard Cassidy vs. Danny Yoon

12th Plymouth - Thomas Calter vs. Peter Boncek

5th Suffolk - Evandro Carvalho vs. Althea Garrison

11th Suffolk - Elizabeth Malia vs. Stephen Bedell

4th Worcester - Thomas Ardinger vs. Natalie Higgins

7th Worcester - Paul Frost vs. Terry Burke Dotson

10th Worcester - Sandra Biagetti vs. Brian Murray

12th Worcester - Harold Naughton vs. Charlene DiCalogero

15th Worcester - Mary Keefe vs. Ralph Perez

16th Worcester - Daniel Donahue vs. John Fresolo

17th Worcester - Kate Campanale vs. Moses Dixon