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Represent Your Parish

Prayer Partner PDF Print E-mail

This volunteer is someone who is willing to make a spiritual commitment to regularly pray for your elected officials and the mission of Catholic Citizenship. Coordinating with others to meet on a regular basis to pray will be the key responsibility in this role.

Cluster Coordinator PDF Print E-mail

This volunteer position will be designated to someone who will stay in contact with your local elected official and contact him/her when grassroots action is necessary. Relationship building with this official and helping to coordinate meetings with a group of Parish Public Policy Advocates in the district are the key responsibilities in this role.

Parish Policy Advocate PDF Print E-mail

Do you have 15 minutes a week to help ensure your fellow Catholics are well informed citizens on vital issues to us all? Then you can be a Public Policy Advocate (PPA) for your parish. It's easy. Working with your local parish priest, you can help distribute information provided by Catholic Citizenship (via e-mail) for your parish bulletin or handouts.