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Legislative Agenda

Our objective at Catholic Citizenship is to encourage Catholic participation in the legislative and electoral process. Our goal is to see Catholics, both citizens and legislators, to "Vote Catholic" -- faithful to Catholic values and the teaching of the Magisterium.

Catholic Citizenship is monitoring several pieces of legislation during the 2015-2016 session.  Each piece is listed below, either as supported or opposed.  

 Legislation we Support

H.B. 492
An Act Relative to Education Standards
This bill would nullify the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's 2010 vote to adopt the national education standards, Common Core. The state would continue using its own standards and MCAS assessment.  The current standards will be reviewed and updated through a committee chaired by the Lieutenant Governor and cosisting of educators, teachers, administrators, school committee members, parents and concerned citizens. 

H.B. 2039
"A Woman's Safety Act" 

This bill would amend the definition of "clinic" in the General Laws, requiring the licensing and inspection of numerous non-hospital abortion clinics in Massachusetts.  Currently there are 16 abortion clinics operating without a DPH license, putting vulnerable women at further, serious health risks.

H.B. 1469
"Justina's Law"

This bill stipulates that a parent or legal guardian cannot be charged with medical abuse or neglect if their child is receiving treatment from a licensed health provider.  Parents have the right to follow the advice and treatment plan of a licensed medical or mental health provider over a contrary opinion or recommended treatment plan of another licensed health provider when the decision does not involve immediate life threatening conditions.

H.B. 1541
"An Act Relative to a Woman's Right to Know" (a.k.a Laura's Law)
This bill would require that abortion clinics provide women, seeking their services, a 24 hour waiting period, information about pre-natal care and alternatives for assistance and adoption.  

H.B. 1320
“Safety and Privacy in Public Accommodations” 

This bill expressly states that the Transgender Law would not apply to private spaces such as bathrooms and locker rooms, and would r estore the protections of privacy and modesty for students in our schools.

Legislation we Oppose

H.B. 1991
"Doctor - Prescribed Suicide"
Reaching the natural end of life is dfficult enough without the pressure and coercion to commit suicide.  Deliberately ending human life as one would a suffering animal is utilitarian and degrading, contrary to the special dignity and unique value of every human life.  The reality is that diagnosing a terminal illness is an inexact science, with lifespan forecasts having an error rate of 30%.  Doctor-prescried suicide would blur the line between natural death and medical manslaughter.

H.B. 97
"Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Minors"
This bill would prevent children from receiving much needed counseling to help them respond proactively to unwanted sexual desires, and is an attempt to silence the viewpoint of those who believe sexual orientation treatment is counseling therapy which can provide tremendous benefits.

H.B. 2070
Consent and Counseling Bill
This bill would lower the age of consent for abortion by about two years; from 18yrs. to 16yrs. old. Other adults, besides parents, would be able to give written permission for a minor to obtain an abortion.

H.B. 448
"Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks"
This bill would force teachers to explain to students how to get an abortion without parental knowledge. Students as young as 11 would learn how to get contraceptives without parental knowledge. Furthermore, the failure rates of contraceptives and of condoms to prevent certain STDs are not taught. Finally, there's no presentation of fetal development nor discussion of the benefits of traditional marriage. 

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