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This volunteer position will be designated to someone who will stay in contact with your local elected official and contact him/her when grassroots action is necessary. Relationship building with this official and helping to coordinate meetings with a group of Parish Public Policy Advocates in the district are the key responsibilities in this role.

Essentials for a successful CC:

  • Have access to e-mail on a regular basis.

  • Can coordinate with parish PPAs in a legislative district.

  • Understand how local government works and know community leaders. 

  • Possess solid organization and communication skills.

  • Remove partisan biases in communicating with officials.

Key Responsibilities of a parish CC:

  • Follow guidance of Catholic Citizenship when taking action.

  • Help build relationships with state legislators and their parish communities.

  • Coordinate meetings with the PPAs and the legislator as needed.

  • Provide feedback and consult regularly with Diocesan Field Director.

  • Encourage participation in Catholic Citizenship in the parish.


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